Academic Presentations


Washington University in St. Louis
Kinder Institute, Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, and Society of Early Americanists
Religion and Politics in Early America Conference
"Maryland’s Church Disestablishment"


Ave Maria University
Faculty Colloquium
"The Conciliar Option: Martin Luther and Church Reform" (invited)

George Washington University
Loeb Institute for Religious Freedom
"The Pope's Republic: Liberties and Loyalties in America" (invited)

University of Notre Dame
Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism
Lord Baltimore’s Oaths of Allegiance: Catholic Loyalty in Early America

Oxford Brookes University
Annual Ecclesiastical History Colloquium
"Republican Bishops in the Atlantic World” (invited)

University of London
School of Advanced Study
‘This Damnable Doctrine’: Liberties and Loyalties in Seventeenth-Century Maryland"

 Photo courtesy of Ave Maria University

Photo courtesy of Ave Maria University


Arizona State University
New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
“The Origins of Religious Liberty” (invited)

American Maritain Association
Annual Meeting, Fordham University, New York City
“Jacques Maritain and Leo XIII on Church and State”


Oxford Michaelmas 2015 Seminar Schedule.jpg

University of Oxford
Rothermere American Institute Seminar in Constitutional Thought and History
“Conciliar Constitutional Theory in the American Founding” (invited)

Ave Maria University
Dignitatis Humanae and American Religious Liberty”


Villanova University Law School
Law and Religion Colloquium
“The First Amendment in Catholic Historical Context” (invited)

American Political Science Association
Annual Meeting, Washington, DC
“Catholic Conscience and Papal Authority in American History”

American Political Science Association
Annual Meeting, Washington, DC
“Anti-Papist Catholics in Early America”

Princeton University
James Madison Program, Department of Politics
“The Historical Origins of John F. Kennedy’s Catholicism”

Princeton University
James Madison Program, Department of Politics
“Conciliarism and Early American Catholicism”

Public Presentations

 Photo courtesy of Ave Maria University

Photo courtesy of Ave Maria University

Beauty: Art History and the Aesthetics of Everyday Life,” Leadership Forum of South Florida, 2018 (co-talk with Janice Chik Breidenbach)

Liberties and Loyalties: Challenges for American Catholics,” Tampa Bay Leadership Conference, 2018

"The Art of Wine," In Vino Sanitas Wine Society, Ave Maria University, 2017

Church and State: The Challenges for American Catholics,” Leadership Forum of South Florida, 2017

“Columbus and the Confederates,” Ave Maria University, 2017

“Michael Novak and Religious Liberty," Ave Maria University, 2017

‘This Damnable Doctrine’: Lord Baltimore and Catholic Loyalty in Seventeenth-Century Maryland,” Ave Maria University, 2016

“Liberties and Loyalties in the Age of Trump,” Ave Maria University, 2016

“American and Catholic at the Founding: Dual Citizenship?” Ave Maria University, 2015

"Is History Gossip?" Ave Maria University, 2015

Public Conferences ORganized

“Religious Liberty: 50 Years After Vatican II”
Ave Maria University, 2015

Video of conference on YouTube
Media coverage at the Ave Herald
Participants: Thomas Pink (King’s College, London), Michael Novak (Catholic University of America), David L. Schindler (Pontifical John Paul II Institute at Catholic University of America), Michael Pakaluk (Catholic University of America), Fr. Matthew Lamb (Ave Maria University), Steven Long (Ave Maria University), William McCormick, S.J. (St. Louis University), Joseph Trabbic (Ave Maria University), and Seana Sugrue (Ave Maria University)

Ave Maria Dignitatis Humanae Conference.jpg

British Christianity and American Religious Liberty
Princeton University, 2014

Participants: Lord Nicholas Windsor, Lord David Alton (House of Lords/Liverpool John Moores University), and Jan Graffius (Stonyhurst College)

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