Selected Reviews

“He has made a genuine contribution to our understanding of the American founding, but also to the intellectual diaspora of Catholic theories about church/state relations. … The effort that has gone into Michael’s research is, I would stress, impressive, for he is bringing together bodies of historical writing, seldom in conversation: biographical studies of the Carroll family, the ideological and legislative history of Maryland, the broad currents of European Catholic thought, the Enlightenment, the American Revolution, and (persistently relevant), the British experience in dealing with Catholics both in Britain and its colonies.  Much of the research involves printed texts, frequently rare, but also manuscripts, including those to be found in the Vatican.  As a contribution to religious history, it is significant, but also to the history of the Atlantic world.”

Michael O’Brien, FBA, was a Bancroft Prize Winner, Professor of American Intellectual History,
University of Cambridge, and Fellow, Jesus College, Cambridge

“The work he has done is very strong indeed, both in terms of primary research and theoretical thinking. He completely re-researched the life and activities of the Carrolls, based on the latest editions of their papers and correspondence. … [S]imply the most up-to-date and reliable account of their personal history and their manifold activities. It is a first rate contribution to eighteenth-century American history.”

—István Hont was University Reader in the History of Political Thought,
University of Cambridge, and Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge

“The quite brilliant historian of the American founding and of Catholicism in the United States…. More than anyone I know, he is well prepared to pick up the leadership mantle of Msgr. [John Tracy] Ellis.”

Michael Novak was a Templeton Prize winner and Distinguished Visiting Fellow,
Catholic University of America

"A brilliant article that makes an important contribution to early American and U.S. Catholic history."

—William S. Cossen, book review editor,
Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Review in Law and Religion Forum by Marc O. DeGirolami, Professor of Law, Associate Academic Dean, Associate Director, Center for Law and Religion, St. John's University School of Law

Review in Religion in American History by Jonathan Den Hartog, Associate Professor of History, University of Northwestern—St. Paul

Review in Arc of the Universe by Daniel Mark, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Villanova University

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