My teaching spans American history and the history of political, legal, and religious thought in the United States and Europe. I have taught courses and advised theses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in history, political science, theology, and interdisciplinary programs, both in class and online. I have developed new courses at the intersection of religion and politics and have co-taught with philosophers and theologians. My courses offer intensive writing sessions, historical methods, seminar-style discussions, digital and archival research, and public speaking opportunities, among other transferrable skills. According to student reviews, 97% would take my courses again.

Ave Maria University

Department of History

  • Honors Advisor, Senior Honors Thesis: “Pope Pius IX and his Syllabus” (Fall 2015); “For the Roman Lake and the Roman Faith: The Knights of St. John at the Great Siege of Malta” (Fall 2017)
  • Advisor, Senior Seminar: “King Cotton at the Vatican: Confederate-Vatican Relations During the Civil War” (Fall 2017); “Republican Motherhood: Mixing the Political and Domestic Spheres” (Fall 2017); “Against the Consensus of the Faithful: Humanae Vitae in America” (Fall 2017)
  • “History Internship” (Fall 2018)
  • “Religion and Politics in America” (Fall 2016; Fall 2018)
  • “American Catholic History” (Fall 2015, co-taught with Michael Novak; Fall 2017)
  • “Church and State in Early America” (Fall 2014)
  • “History of the United States II” (Spring 2018)
  • “History of the United States I” (Spring 2017)
  • “Intermediate History of the United States” (Spring 2015; Spring 2016)
  • “Western Civilization II Honors” (Spring 2016)
  • “Western Civilization II” (Spring 2015; Spring 2016 with online hybrid; Spring 2017)
  • “Western Civilization I” (Fall 2014; Fall 2015; Fall 2016)

Department of Theology

  • Second Reader, Master’s Thesis: “The Continuity of Religious Freedom in the Catholic Tradition” (Spring 2017)

Interdisciplinary Program

  • “Western Civilization & Culture II Honors” (Spring 2018, co-taught)
  • “Western Civilization & Culture II” (Spring 2018)
  • “Western Civilization & Culture I Honors” (Fall 2017; Fall 2018, co-taught)
  • “Western Civilization & Culture I” (Fall 2017; Fall 2018)

Princeton University

Department of History

  • “The United States Since 1974,” undergraduate precept (Spring 2014)

Department of Politics

  • “Religion and the American Founding,” graduate course (Spring 2014)

University of Cambridge

Faculty of History

  • “History of Political Thought to c.1700,” Faculty of History undergraduate supervisions (Lent 2013)

Northwestern University

Interdisciplinary Program

  • “Conservative Political Thought,” Liberal Arts Program student seminar instructor (Spring 2008)

New Channel English Language School, Beijing, China

  • Online English tutor for International English Language Testing System oral examination (2010 – 2011)

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